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Hello, my bohemian friend! 

My name is Michelle Perrigo.

I am a mindset coach as well as a birthing consultant. I help moms release their inner bohemian as well as help pregnant ladies make truly informed decisions on the prenatal care they receive. 

My mission is to bring about awareness to the options you have for your life and for your pregnancy and birth. 

When I was 19, I gave birth to my first born. I had no idea I was able to make different choices. I simply did what I was told and thought nothing of it. Over the years, I have experienced and learned about different natural options that are opened to pregnant ladies. I’ve have grown up in a strict conservative household only to come out and embrace my inner bohemian! I’m passionate about teaching you how you can have the birth you always wanted as well as the life you have always wanted!! 

I have learned two gold nuggets over the years:
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Healing Your Teeth Naturally

I have done it! I've found a cheap way to help heal my teach naturally without going to the dentist!! YAY!! HOW IT STARTED Before I became pregnant with my second child, my teeth were in pretty good health. I had to have two root canals, one due to a chipped tooth...

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Mindset. Thinking Outside of the Box.

Over the past 4 years, I've been going through a very interesting journey. A journey to find myself and what it is I would like to do next. I spent 12 years prior to that being a stay at home mom with one child. I was also a veteran's wife, during that time he was...

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Wonderfully Bohemian!

I am a wonderful bohemian! By bohemian, I mean the lifestyle you live. As far as I know I'm not bohemian by blood. Why bohemian? It's the best word that encompasses who I am!  Over the past two weeks, I've been doing a branding challenge. This is something I've been...

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