I didn’t know…

That I had options with prenatal care as well as where I gave birth. I had never even heard of doulas and midwives.

Because of this, I had what I call a textbook birth. I labored at home for a while and then went to the hospital. I was admitted, asked the 20 questions, given an iv, given an epidural, waters broken, given an episiotomy, put on monitors, the baby had a fetal monitor put on her, had forceps used, and had an oxygen mask put on.  

Some of these were done with our consent and some were not.

The beginning of my journey…

It wasn’t until 8 years later that I would learn about doulas and midwives. For the first time, I knew of someone who had a homebirth. That fascinated me! I thought it was so cool! I still knew very little about this new world of homebirth.

4 years later when I found out that I was pregnant with baby number two, I knew I wanted something different than what I experienced before.

I started out in a clinic but could tell they weren’t going to respect my want for an unmedicated vaginal birth. So in my second trimester, I switched to a clinic that had a midwife. The way some of the doctors treated me there, I could tell that I wasn’t going to get the birth that I wanted. In my third trimester, I switched again. This time to a homebirth midwife.

What I want…..

Is to share my journey with others and teach others that yes, you do have choices, you can say no, and you can take charge of your pregnancy and birth! After all, you are the one hiring the professional for a service, not the other way around.

Are you…..

Looking for a different kind of prenatal care but aren’t sure how to navigate that? Are you looking to take control of your pregnancy and birth? Are you wanting a different experience than what you have previously had or than what you’ve seen others have?

Reach out…

To me and let’s talk about what you are envisioning for your pregnancy and birth! Whether you are in Northern FL, Southern GA, or several states away, feel free to reach out to me! I am a Birth Keeper (certified doula), Virtual Birth Keeper, and a Student Midwife.

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