4 years ago, I gave birth to my second daughter. It was my first home birth. During this pregnancy, I started out at a clinic, realized they weren’t going to respect my wishes so I switched to a different clinic in my second trimester. I saw the midwife at this clinic hoping I would receive better care. I still wanted a home birth but was planning for a natural birth in the hospital. I couldn’t find a midwife close enough to come to my birth. I saw all the doctors in the clinic and I began refusing different tests and such. I was finally able to find a midwife from Alabama who was willing to come to my house in Tennessee. I was just outside of her service area. As I kept going to the clinic, I could tell that I probably wouldn’t get the birth I wanted at the hospital.

The final straw was at my 36 wk appointment. I opted out of the GBS screening and the doctor went ballistic! While he and the nurse were checking my blood pressure and making sure the baby was the right size, he kept yelling at me. He was asking why would I refuse this screening, what reasons did I have for refusing this screening and on and on it went. He wouldn’t let me answer at all. He just kept going. I was freaking out! I’ve never been treated like this before. When he finally left the room, we told the nurse that we would think about it. I was in tears and having an anxiety attack. I couldn’t bring myself to doing anything with that doctor. We left! We set up my next appointment and left. That was the last time I stepped foot into that office. I was very thankful that I left and switched to a midwife. I was able to view my records before handing them over to the midwife. They had labeled me high risk just because of my weight. At the time I was probably 270-275. After I had my uncomplicated home birth weighing in at 265 pounds, I realized that I wanted to make a change in how pregnant ladies are treated. The only thing I knew to do was start a website. I bought wonderfullybirthed.com in 2013 and it has grown and changed over the past several years. It will continue to do so as I grow and change. 

Throughout these past 4 years, what started out as a simple website using affiliate programs to help bring funds in as well as traffic, has grown into an online doula website. It went from a simple blog to blogging about essential oils, I was trying to grow my essential oil business in 2014, to a coaching website, to what it is now, an online doula website!! It’s been 4 years but I have learned and grown so much throughout those years. From 2014 – 2016 I tried working my mlm company, after one final shot, I began switching gears. I started looking for other ways to build a business and bring in funds to help pay bills. That’s when I found business coaching.

That was a God send!! I saw an ad on Facebook that talked about a free video series that would help build your business. I signed up for the series and joined her facebook group. Things just went up from there. I’ve hired a few coaches when I’m able and have done several 3-5 day challenges to help me grow personally. In this past year, while I haven’t earned a dime, I have learned how to work my business, how to brand myself, how to speak my truth and not concern myself with those it offends. They are not my people!

Right now, I have taken a bigger step. I have created a doulamatch.net profile and put myself out there even more! I keep hiring coaches as I want to continue to grow. I don’t want my business to be stagnant. I want to continue to empower plus size ladies with the knowledge they need to take control of their pregnancy and labor!

Your body was made to give birth, you are in control of your pregnancy care and your labor and delivery care! You are in charge!