Essential Oils

Patch Testing

When it comes to essential oils, you always need to take precautions. It is never one oil fits all! So before using essential oils take the time to conduct a patch test. This patch test will tell you if you have a sensitivity to the oil or if you are allergic to the oil depending on your reaction. Despite what others may say, any reaction to essential oils is a sensitivity or an allergy. It never means that your body is detoxing!!

So to start, clean your forearm with soap and water and dry thoroughly. Apply one drop of undiluted essential oil to the crook of your arm or if you have a blend, apply enough to moisten and apply a gauze. If you are using an undiluted essential oil put your hand to your shoulder and hold for 5 minutes. If you are using a blend, keep the gauze on for 24 hours. 

If you do have a reaction, wash the oil off with soap and water or you can use milk or a base oil. Depending on the severity of your reaction you can either dilute the essential oil or pick another oil altogether. I’ll post later on how to dilute essential oils.